If the value of the transaction related to the signed document exceeds the specified transaction threshold, the signature is only considered a “normal” high-security e-signature, so there is no presumption of “non-repudiation” and “immutability” under eIDAS, or not created under Hungarian law a private document of full probative value, however, the e-signature will still have the same legal effect as a handwritten signature. If in order for a document to have legal effect, a form of a private document with full probative value is required, a document signed as above will not be capable of producing a legal effect, if it merely satisfies the criterion of writing, the document does not lose that capacity.

Please note that detailed knowledge of the case is essential to select the correct signature type, and the responsibility for using the incorrect signature type lies entirely with the signatory, so we recommend that you contact your legal representative with the matter.

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