How do I sign an Incoming BusinessSign document?

You will be notified by email when the document to be signed arrives, then on the Platform, log in to the Business account, click BusinessSign, then Received documents, and then click Assign.

You will then need to choose who or who will sign and who will see the incoming document. If you do not have the amount and type of e-signatures available in your Business account, you will need to make a purchase by clicking Go to payment.

The type of signature is always determined by the sender of the document, you must specify how many signers the document will have and purchase as many signatures of the specified type.

You can select any user in your Business account as Signer, Viewer, or Approver.

Signers: adds the persons who need to sign the document to sign.

Viewers are those who need to see the signed document, e.g. finance, executive, secretary.

Approver: assign an approval function to a person who needs to be approved before signing, e.g. lawyer, a company lawyer.

The Approver and the Viewer do not sign the document, so they do not need to purchase a signature.

After pressing the Send document button, the document arrives at the first user's phone for signing, then at the second, and so on, so in contradiction to DirectSign

You can also track the signature chain on the Platform. You have 72 hours to sign a document that arrives in Evrotrust.

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