For BusinessSign documents, we can send the created document not only to Signers but also to Approvers and Viewers. For each document created and submitted in BusinessSign, we need to define these Permissions.

The Signer permission is given to those with whom we want to sign the document. A Signer can only be an identified user, i.e. one who has an e-signature in Evrotrust and has completed the account linking.

Approver responsibilities to any person whose signature is not but their approval are required for a given contract.

Assign a Viewer permission to all employees, e.g. executive, secretary, assistant, financial, who must see the document on the Platform.

A Jóváhagyáshoz és a Megtekintéshez nem szükséges azonosított felhasználóvá válni.

You do not need to become an identified user to be Approveer and Viewer.

The roles are not the same as the Platform authorities assigned to User accounts within the Business account (Signatory, Administrator, Viewer).

When defining Roles, it helps to see the statuses of users, so when we submit, we know whether users in our Business account have identified or are just registered.

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