How does e-signature work on the Platform?

You upload the document to be signed to the Platform (in QuickSign, DirectSign, or in BusinessSign menu items) and then select the appropriate e-signature and send it to Signers who can sign the document on their phone in Evrotrust mobile application.

You can only send a document to someone who has an e-signature certificate, ie who is already an identified user on the Platform.

Another condition for sending is that the Business account from which the document is sent must have at least as many signatures as the number of signers selected by the uploader of the document. When sending the document, you have the option to purchase e-signatures.

After submission, in DirectSign, each signer logs into their own User account on the Platform and sends the incoming document to be signed to their own phone for signature.

In BusinessSign, elements of the signature chain automatically receive the document to be signed on their mobile phone. Then they log in to the Evrotrust mobile app to sign the document that arrived there, which will then be available on the Platform and in the phone app as well.

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