Briefly about DirectSign

With DirectSign, you can send documents created or uploaded to the Platform for signature to yourself and other users by providing recipients' email addresses.

The document can also be sent for e-signature to someone who has not yet registered, but it can only be signed if the signer is registered and has performed personal identification, i.e. if he has already become an identified user.

DirectSign documents are visible to creators and signers.

How does the signature chain work?

The sender uploads the PDF file in the DirecSign menu. Then the sender determines who will electronically sign the document and in what order: the signature chain consists of signers. The document is sent to the signers one after the other, so you can only sign if the signer before you in the line has already signed it. Until you sign it in front of the signer before you, the status of the document is pending on Platform in Waiting at Partner status.

By clicking on the first icon on the right side of the document, any of the following signatories can check the current status of the document:

After logging in, the first signer sees the document waiting to be signed in Received documents. Click on the document's name to open and review the PDF before signing. If you want to sign, click on the Sign button on the right!

After pressing the Sign button, press the Send document button, then take your phone, open the Evrotrust application and sign the document. Each signer has 72 hours to sign Evrotrust, individually.

Successfully signed documents are then available in Evrotrust:

The second signer will be notified of the document to be signed by e-mail. You will then be logged in to your Business account and use the Send document button to send the document to your phone:

The process is repeated for each signer until the document is signed by everyone. Once the chain is around, signers will be notified by email and can download the version signed by everyone from the Platform.

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