Briefly about our White Label product

Individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises, and sole proprietors can register on the Platform ( free of charge. Billing is based on the number of e-signatures on a monthly basis, helping the SME sector to digitize and integrate into online contract management.

We created the corporate contracting platform for larger companies and corporations (with our own IP address: Thus, they can have a White Label Platform with their own company logo created exclusively for the company's employees and partners, with outstanding customer service support and online onboarding to help implement the system.

What do you gain by having White Label?

  • Reduces costs: eliminates postal processes.

  • It reduces administrative work, freeing up capacity.

  • Accelerates processes: a common Platform that can be used at any time from home and abroad.

  • Unifies administration: all documents will be available in one place.

When to choose the White Label?

  • If the company has at least 50-60 documents to sign per month

  • If you need to mail a lot of documents on a monthly basis

  • If the company has at least 10 suppliers

  • If you have at least 10 new customers a month

  • Identifying customers and contractors when it takes a lot of time

  • If you have not only domestic but also international business partners

  • If you plan to enter new markets or contract with new partners

What can the White Label product be used for?

To e-sign employment documents related to your employees: employment-related administrative documents (eg payroll papers, R & D & I support declarations, employment contracts, job descriptions, attendance sheets, contract amendments, exit papers.) For e-signing documents related to accounting and auditing: declarations, applications, permits accounting and auditing statements E-signature of documents related to subcontractors and suppliers: certificates of performance, invoices Concluding contracts with business partners and customers sale, gift, business, commission, lease, deposit, distribution and franchise, credit and collateral, insurance contracts.

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