Sending to companies for signature

Sign or approve any document, all you have to do is select your business accounts and you can send them to them!

What is BusinessSign?

With our BusinessSign service, Platform users can send documents to each other's Business accounts for signing. By logging into your Business account, each company chooses who will sign the document, who may need to approve, or simply view the document.

In BusinessSign you do not send documents to be signed to specific individuals, but to Business accounts, as opposed to DirectSign.

When should I choose this service?

  • If you want to not only sign the document, you should also approve its contents with your lawyer or any of your staff beforehand.

  • If you do not know exactly who the signatories are from the partner companies. All you have to do is select your partners' Business account, and when they're in the order of signing, you'll be able to decide for yourself which people to participate in the process.

In BusinessSign you can choose who sees the document. You can also grant access to users who do not participate in the process as Approvers, Signers, or Viewers.

You only need to specify the recipient users and their rights to that document for your own Business account. Signatory users can sign the document in the Evrotrust mobile application and Approver users can approve it in the Platform interface. Viewer users are not in the chain, but they do have access to the document.

How can I use it?

Log in to your Business account on the Platform!

Click BusinessSign in the left menu bar, then click on New Document.

Name it and then edit it using the document templates, or click the Upload File button to upload the PDF document.

Enter the email address of the signer registered on the Platform and click Add New User. You can add any number of signers to the chain.

  • The order of the signature will be the order you specify.

  • You can use the right arrows to change the order or click the trash can icon to delete individual members of the chain before posting.

  • Please note that BusinessSign automatically puts your Business account at the top of the chain. You must designate Signatories, Approvers, and Viewers in this account. A signer should only be in the chain once! If someone is two different Make sure everyone has added a Business account to the chain! If so, click the Send Document button. You can then track the signature chain on the Platform.

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