DirectSign – If more than one person needs to sign, start a signature chain

Upload or text a document, and after entering the email addresses of the recipient users, you can start the automated signature chain!

What is DirectSign?

DirectSign is a feature of the Platform. You can send any document created in the Platform's text editor or edited elsewhere and then uploaded to the Platform in PDF format for signature to yourself and other users. All you have to do is enter the email address registered on the Platform for the users you need to sign. It is important that in DirectSign you can only send a document to those who have already successfully registered and authenticated, ie have a qualified electronic signature.

When should I choose this service?

If you know the exact email address of the users you want to contract with and you want to controll the visibility of the document, so only the signatories can see this document on the Platform.

How can I use it?

Log in to your Business account on the Platform!

Click DirectSign in the left menu bar, and then click New Document.

Name it, and then click Upload File to upload the PDF document.

Enter the email address of the signer registered on the Platform and click Add New Signer. You can add any number of signers to the chain. The order of the signature will be the order you specify.

  • You can use the right arrows to change the order, or click the trash can icon to delete individual members of the chain before posting.
  • Please note that DirectSign automatically puts you to the first place of the order of signatiories. If you do not want to sign the document, you can delete yourself from the first place.
  • A signer should only be in the chain once! If someone is signing in two different qualities, send the version signed by everyone again to the person who needs to sign it more than once.
  • Make sure you add everyone to the chain!

Then choose the type of the signature you need. You can take over the costs of the e-signatures of your partners on the signature chain by checking the box on the bottom of the page.

Then click the Send document button. You can then track the signature chain on the Platform. Each member of the chain will be notified by email in the order specified in the chain that a document has been received for signing. Click the link in the notification to enter the Platform and click the Sign button. They then have 72 hours to sign the document they received on their phone.

After signing, the document arrives at the next signatory. He must also log in to the Platform and click Sign to send it to the Evrotrust mobile app for signing.

At the end of the signature chain, the version signed by everyone will be available on the Platform. The Platform stores documents for two years and the Evrotrust trust service provider portal for ten years.

Documents can be downloaded, but the electronic signature when printed is not valid, so please digitally archive them on your desktop computer or in the cloud.

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