Send for e-signing to ourselves

Drop in a PDF document that you would like to sign and send it to your mobile for e-signature at the touch of a button.

What is QuickSign?

QuickSign is the simplest feature of the Platform, allowing you to upload and send PDF documents to your mobile for e-signature yourself. Through QuickSign, we can only send documents to ourselves for signing.

When should I choose this service?

If you want to sign quickly and you are the only one signatory. Documents you have signed unilaterally can be traced back to the Platform and even sent by e-mail after downloading.

Which e-signature type should I choose?

Before using it for the first time, you need to decide which type of e-signature you want to sign the document. Choose a signature with a transaction value higher than the value of the transaction in the document you want to e-sign. Identification must be done once, but then a separate certificate must be requested for each type of e-signature in the mobile application. It's just a click.

How can I use it?

Log in to your Business account on the Platform!

Click on QuickSign in the left menu bar. Upload by clicking the Upload file button or upload the PDF document you want to upload.

Select the type of signature you want to use to sign the document.

Buy the chosen type and quantity by credit card or Barion payment. Add your billing data.

After purchasing, click the Send document button and send the PDF you want to sign to your mobile phone.

Take your mobile phone in your hand, log in to your Evrotrust account and sign the document.

After successful signing, you can access the signed PDF document in the phone application and in the QuickSign menu on the Platform. The status of the electronically signed document in Evrotrust: Signed.

After signing the status of the document changed to Successful on the Platform. If you refused to sign the document, the status will be Unsuccessful. Until you sign the document, the status remains Waiting for signature. You have 72 hours to sign the document, after that the document will automatically change its status to Unsuccessful.

Once the document has been sent to Evrotrust, the e-signature is considered used and is automatically deducted from the available signatures.

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