"Is our data in safe?"

These were the most popular questions in November about the data management practices of the Platform and Evrotrust trust service provider.

What is the conncetion between Platform and Evrotrust?

TrustChain Systems Ltd. develops and maintains the Platform, where users can upload, create and edit documents, receive and send digital documents for e-signing through the Platform.

The Platform has integrated the qualified e-signature of the Evrotrust Technologies AD trust service provider, so the users of the Platform can obtain their qualified e-signature certificate using the mobile phone application developed and operated by Evrotrust, the remote customer identification is performed in the mobile phone application and also documents created on the Platform are e-signed with their signatures.

Who stores the ID photos?

The data provided by the user during the personal identification process is also stored exclusively by the Evrotrust trust service provider. As the mobile phone application is operated by Evrotrust, customer identification and thus the related data management are carried out in accordance with Evrotrust's data management policy.

What guarantees that Evrotrust is safe?

Evrotrust is a certified trust service provider, so it complies with the strict IT and data protection regulations imposed on trust service providers operating in the EU. The specifications are set out in the eIDAS Regulation as well as in the ETSI European Standards. There are currently 210 certified trust service providers in the European Union, certified and standardized by so-called conformity assessment bodies. Evrotrust is a trusted service provider certified by LSTI SAS and accredited by LSTI SAS on the basis of an accreditation certificate from the French accreditation body COFRAC.

Where can I find the Evrotrust privacy policy?

Evrotrust's Privacy Policy is available in English on the Evrotrust website and through the Evrotrust mobile application. Evrotrust's data protection policy is also available at the following link:


TrustChain Systems Ltd does not have access to the data provided in the Evrotrust application, such as the data on the identity document (photo, date of birth, etc.) unless specifically authorized by the user.

Where can I find the TrustChain Privacy Policy?

In accordance with the GDPR the information on the data management of the Platform is available on the TrustChain's website (www.trustchain.com) and on the Platform (https://app.trustchain.com/), and the user accepts its content by registering. The TrustChain General Privacy Policy is also available at the following link: https://app.trustchain.com/privacy

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