When the registration is completed, you can enter your billing data in the Administration/Financials/Billing information menu item, or right at the beginning of the e-signature purchase. The invoice will automatically arrive at the specified billing email address after the purchase.

At the time of purchase, different types of e-signatures are available, which you can buy in packs of 5-10-20-40-100 pieces. You can access our prices by clicking here.

E-signatures are purchased via credit card or Barion wallet on the Platform.

Tax number: please do not forget to enter the tax number. Billing name and address: in the case of companies, please provide the company data.

When updating your company information, please do not forget to change the information here as well.

The invoices of TrustChain Systems Ltd. can only be settled through the user's Business account. Since strict IT automation monitors the settlement of accounts, on which sessions restricting access to the system are built, this is the only way we can ensure uninterrupted access to the Platform.

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