Any of your employees can create a Business account for your company and then invite the others. This way the User accounts of your colleagues will be part of your company's Business account.

Our suggestions:

  • When registering a company, enter the name of the company in the Business account name. This can be changed at any time later.
  • For billing information enter your company's billing information here: Administration/Financials/Billing Information. You can change your billing information later at any time as your business information changes.
  • Monthly invoice: The Platform bills e-signatures on a monthly basis. We will automatically send you an invoice notification at the beginning of each month to the e-mail address you provided at your billing information, so it's a good idea to enter the e-mail address of an employee who is responsible for paying and handling invoices.
  • After successful registration you can invite your employees to the Business account under Administration/Business account users/Invite a new user.
  • For the invited employee's permission set up the Administrator role if you want him or her to be able to sign or create documents on the Platform. Set Viewer role if you want your colleague to be able to view documents only, but not to be able to create or sign documents.
  • You can send an invitation to any Business account to be your Partner on the Platform by entering the target email address in the Partner Manager menu. If the invited email address is not registered on the Platform, we will send an invitation to register. If the email address is already registered we will send a notification to there that it is being invited as a partner. In Partner Manager, you can browse among companies already registered and Certified on the Platform to gain new business relationships.


  • Invited employees can also use the Platform to electronically sign documents generated at the workplace. Thus, signing employment contracts and entry documents, pay slip and payroll documents, contract amendments, performance certificates or any other documents online within the company is no longer an obstacle.
  • All administrations at the same place: you can manage documentation with your corporate partners, suppliers and subcontractors on the Platform.
  • Registration is free and does not require a personal presence, it can be done anywhere and anytime using a smartphone, internet and a valid ID card or passport.
  • No monthly fee: the fee for qualified electronic signatures can be found on our website here:
  • Home office friendly: it is also available to everyone from home and remote office, you no longer have to appear in person to sign.
  • There are no printing costs and no postage! Documents signed with a qualified electronic signature are valid without printing and can be emailed to anyone.
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