The Financials menu is divided into four main sections:

  1. Billing information for entering your Billing data

  2. Barion wallet for related to the Barion account

  3. Trustchain Systems Ltd. invoices for managing and paying invoices issued by the Platform

Users performing the Identification process can access the interfaces listed in 1) and 3), while users performing the Certification process can view and use all of these interfaces.

Billing information

Users can view the details of the invoices for the paid services used for the Business account here: Administration/Financials/Billing information, the invoices will be issued as specified here. If you change your billing information, the amount will always be billed based on the most recent billing data.

As billing information, billing name, billing e-mail address, invoice language, billing address (country, region, city, district, postal code, street, house number), tax number, community tax number can be provided. In addition, a remark can be given as well. Invoice notifications arrive always to your billing email address, so it is recommended to enter the email address of a person who can also pay your invoice on the Platform. You can initiate a purchase process from your Business account or by clicking on Prices or using QuickSign, DirectSign and BusinessSign.

Invoices issued by Trustchain Systems Ltd.

On the Financials page, users can access the invoices issued by Trustchain Systems Ltd. Invoices can be viewed and downloaded on the interface.

Invoices can only be paid through the Platform by clicking on the Payment button on the right side of the invoice here: Administration/Financials/TrustChain Systems Ltd. invoices. It is possible to pay via Barion wallet or by credit card.

E-signature packages can also be tracked on the Platform in the Administration / Financials menu:

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