Free registration

Both the registration on the Platform and the registration required to obtain your qualified electronic signature via the Evrotrust mobile application are free of charge.

Please, see our prices after logging in to the Platform by clicking on the ⓘ icon in the upper right corner, under our Prices menu, or simply by clicking on the link below:

Free User Identification

If a user registered on the Platform does not already have an Evrotrust account, Identification begins with obtaining a qualified electronic signature. In the process, the user creates his/her Evrotrust account and the downloaded mobile application is personally identified and issued with a qualified electronic signature certificate. The final step in the process is to link the Business account to the Evrotrust user account by electronically signing the Account Linking Statement sent to the Evrotrust mobile application.


Users can use their qualified electronic signatures through the Evrotrust mobile application to sign their contracts and other documents created on or uploaded to the Platform. E-signing fees are invoiced monthly - on the first day of the month following the month of use by Trustchain Systems Ltd. to the natural or legal person identified in the billing information.

Company Certification

If the user is registered on the Platform as a company representative and wants to use all the features of the Platform, that is, if your company wants to appear in Partner Manager or use Simple Contract, an authorized signatory of the company with full representative authority must successfully complete the certification process. The first step in the certification process is the Identification of the representative and then comes the verification of the Company Data, where the Platform downloads the associated company data from the relevant company registry and verifies the user's authority to represent the company and verifies whether the company is under risky legal processes (eg liquidation, bankruptcy, etc.). If you use Simple Contract, before each signature will automatically be checked again for the company information and the signatory's right of representation.

Company data update:

For certified companies, the company information is automatically updated before any signatures associated with Simple Contract. There is no additional charge for automatic company data updates. Users can also manually initiate a Certified companie's data update. We provide for companies 3 free manually initiated data updates per month. Company updates for additional requests are invoiced by Trustchain Systems Ltd. on a monthly basis, on the first day of the month following the month of use, together with the E-signature fees.

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