On the Platform, it is only possible to pay usage fees to Trustchain Systems Ltd. by credit card or Barion account. It is only possible to pay the fees related to the use of the Platform in the form of a payment initiated from the Platform, it is not possible to transfer directly to the Barion or bank account of Trustchain Systems.

You have the possibility to give a permanent payment order, not only in the case of Barion account, but also in case of credit card payment. This is only an option, the order can be modified during the Certification process or later on the Financials page.

Debit card payment

In the case of debit card payment, the Platform uses Barion's online payment interface. If the Business account makes a payment to TrustChain, the amount paid will be credited to the TrustChain Barion account.

Payment from Barion account

If the Business account pays the fees related to the use of the Platform from the Barion account, he/she will issue a regular payment order to Trustchain Systems.

Until this function is turned off on the Financials page, or until sufficient funds are available on the user’s Barion account, the Platform will automatically deduct the fee for E-signature, Certification, and Company date refresh. A permanent payment order is a recurring payment without user interaction.

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