Visibility of documents

Users can specify which users can see the documents they create within the Business account.

If you create the document as a Private cocument in Sign&Send, other users registered under the Business account will not be able to access it, only those who sign the document, and the person who creates the document.

If you save a Sign&Send document as a Common document, you can set it separately on the Platform so that you can see that document:

  • Selected Signers only: only visible to those who sign and who creates the chain
  • Users of the Business account: all users who are registered under your Business account.

Order of signature

Private documents created with Sign&Send can be sent by users to other registered users for signature. In the case of multiple recipients, the user must also specify the order in which the signature is to be performed. Recipients sign the document in the order in which they were added to the signature chain by the document's creator. The document to be signed will only reach them if the user in front of them in the queue has already successfully signed it.

In the case of Common document, Signers can be users of the Business account or your partners (who were previously designated as partners in the Partner Manager). For multiple selected recipients, if the user selected for all signatures within the account of the first partner in the queue has signed the document, the document will be automatically forwarded to the Business account of the next partner so that they can select their signatories.

As mentioned above, the solution allows users to predefine “signature chains” and track their status from the interface available on the Platform.

For example, if a contractor “A” wants to sign a contract with company “B” and two executives in company “B” have to sign the document, then sole proprietor “A” creates the document and defines the elements of the signature chain and then sends it for signature. . After starting the signing chain, the document is first signed by individual entrepreneur “A” and then sent to company account “B” after signing. Company “B” must then enter the Platform to determine who will sign the document on behalf of the company. Once Company “B” has identified the signatories, the document will be sent to the phone of the selected. When everyone has signed the document, the user who starts the signature chain is notified that the signature chain has been successfully completed.

How much time do we have to sign?

For both Private and Common documents created in Sign&Send, each member of the signature chain has 24 hours to sign the document separately from the time the document arrives in the Evrotrust mobile application for signing.

Breaking the signature chain

The signature chain is broken if the next Signer does not sign it within 24 hours, or if you click the Reject button instead of the Signature button in the Evrotrust mobile application.

In the event of a broken signature chain, the document already signed by each can be downloaded from Sign & Send and re-uploaded and sent again to the remaining Signer, so no one has to sign the same document twice.

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