Send to multiple people to sign

With our Sign&Send service, users can sign any document created on the Platform or edited elsewhere but later uploaded to the Platform with their Qualified Electronic Signature.

Our Sign&Send service is now available to citizens of 41 countries, regardless of whether they are registered with the Platform as an individual, self-employed or on behalf of a company.

After entering the Sign&Send menu, the user can access the document editing interface by clicking the New Document button.

You can use the Sign&Send editor here to create or upload the document you want to sign by pressing the Upload file button (a single PDF document will be created when the text editor and file uploader work together). The user must name the created document, after which the Platform will refer to the document under that name.

After uploading the document, you can select the recipients of the signature. The document can be a Private Document, where you can add users who need to sign based on their email address. Private Sign&Send documents are received by signers in the line you entered them in the signature chain.

The document can be a Common document where you can designate Business accounts registered on the Platform.

Common Sign&Send documents are found by signatories in the Business accounts and must designate which user within the Business account should be the signer of that document.

The document to be signed arrives at the next member of the signature chain if the previous member of the chain has already successfully signed it.

The created document can be sent to the Evrotrust mobile application for signing with the Sign Document button. The document can be saved and still be editable before being sent for signature. Documents submitted for signature cannot be deleted.

The signed documents are listed in the Sign&Send interface. Once signed, the document can be opened and also downloaded with the View button. Users can use the Delete button to delete both documents created in the Sign&Send document editor and documents uploaded with the Upload File button.

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