Documents can be signed on the Platform once the user has successfully completed the Identification process and Account Linking Statement. If these operations were successful, a green check mark will appear in the upper right corner next to the user's name.

Providing billing information is also a condition for signing documents, as otherwise the service would not be billed to users by the Platform. You can enter your billing information in the Administration/Financials menu.

You can start uploading documents by clicking the Upload File button in the Drop&Sign interface. Once you have uploaded the document, click on the “Sign Document” button in the lower right corner.

Then the document will appear among the Drop&Sign documents and will be in Signature Waiting status until the user signs.

The Document in Waiting for signtaure status is sent to the Evrotrust mobile application installed on the user's phone, where they can view and sign it after entering the login PIN or biometric identification.

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