Both the Business and User accounts can be deleted. When a User account is deleted, all personal data (name, password, password-reminder question-answer, e-mail address, phone number) associated with the account will be deleted from the TrustChain databases. If a company account is deleted, all user accounts registered under the company will be deleted as above. If the user deletes their account, their personal data will be deleted from the backups – with the exception of “raw logs” – after 10 days at the latest (in line with their backup-saving cycle).

Half a year after the last login of the given user, we will automatically send an email requiring a password change. If the user does not change the password then we will send a warning email to the user after 7 days, and another 7 days later we will automatically delete the user account and we will inform the user about this via e-mail. If the user is the last Administrator or Signatory in the company, we will not delete the user account under the TC account (company account) automatically because the company account cannot remain “emptied” in the system. However, the TrustChain Admin will be notified of the above events and can delete the company account (together with all user accounts under the company account) manually unless there is no specific reason for further data processing.

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