The Platform only allows users with a Signatory role to sign contacts and related documents created by Simple Contract. If the name of a person authorized to sign on behalf of the company, who has registered and has been successfully certified on the Platform is not available in the company register at the time of a company data check (or it has changed), they lose their right to sign on the Platform. In the event of a name change, this status will be maintained until the data retrieved from the company register and the data stored on the Platform become identical again. This can be achieved by updating the data stored in the Evrotrust account and re-performing the Certification process. If a user with a Signatory role loses their right to sign on the Platform as described above, we will notify all users under the company account with Signatory role, Administrator role and the TrustChain Admin by e-mail, and in the case of company data verification preceding the digital signing process, we will not allow the document to be signed.

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