Companies subject to liquidation, bankruptcy proceedings and (in the case of Hungarian companies) compulsory strike-off in progress are in a limited status on the Platform. All users belonging to the company with a Signatory role, Administrator role, and the TrustChain Admin as well as all active partners of the given company contracted via Simple Contract will be notified of the change in the legal status of the company via e-mail. Users of a limited-status company can log in to the Platform, but they cannot contract by means of Simple Contract (they cannot receive a draft contract or initiate contracting), but apart from these they have access to all system functions. If the status of a given company changes from active to deleted, or in the case of Hungarian companies, if the court suspends the operation of the company, the company will be suspended on the Platform, so users registered under the company will not be able to access the Platform until further action.

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