During the certification process, after downloading the company data, the user must confirm that he has the right to sign on behalf of the company linked to the registration number and wishes to link his Evrotrust account with this company (he wants to sign documents on behalf of this company, with the obtained certificate). After paying the certification fee, a Statement on submission of personal data for the given Evrotrust account will be sent to the user. This Statement contains the personal identification data verified by Evrotrust necessary for using the Platform (name and date of birth). Once the user has signed the Statement, it will be returned to the Platform. The Platform compares the identification data provided in the Statement with the identification data of the private individuals authorized to sign on behalf of the company according to the downloaded company data (name and date of birth constitute the overlap between the two data sets). If a match is found, we consider the given user having the right to sign on behalf of the given company.

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