During the initial certification process for a given company the user must provide the company registration number. The system downloads the company data of the company linked to the registration number from the company register of the country provided by the user who created the company account (can be changed in the Company account until the first successful certification process for the company is completed).

In the case of Hungarian companies, Microsec Ltd. (company registration number: 01 10 047218, VAT ID: 23584497-2-41, registered office: 1033 Budapest, Ángel Sanz Briz út 13.) provides direct access to the company register data.

In the case of Czech companies, Transparent Data Sp. Z o.o. Sp. K. (KRS: 0000698859 NIP: 9721245297, REGON: 302419567, registered office: Poland, 61-774 Poznań, Wielka 20), as a data aggregator, provides indirect but real-time access to the data from the Czech Business Register.

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