What is account linking?

The process of linking your account created on the Platform from a web browser to the account created in the mobile application of our trust service provider Evrotrust.

When can I do it?

If you have already completed identification in Evortrust and you have received your e-signature certificate if you have already confirmed your email address and phone number in the mobile app.

Where can it be done?

In the Platform and Evrotrust at the same time. Step-by-step account linking Go back to the Platform at https://app.trustchain.com! Click the User account button below your name in the upper right corner.

Hit User account adn scroll down to the E-Signature section and click Start Identification.

The Platform will then navigate you to the beginning of our Identification process. Since you already have an Evrotrust account, click on the box at the bottom of the page: Go to linking Evrotrust account!

Then enter your email address and click Save. After saving, take your phone and open the Evrotrust app!

Our system will then check, based on the e-mail address provided, whether it is a truly existing Evrotrust account, whether there is an active signing device (mobile phone), or a certificate issued during successful identification linked to the Evrotrust account.

If the Evrotrust account for the given e-mail address is active, the Account linking statement will be automatically sent to the mobile application for the specified Evrotrust account, please sign it on your mobile phone.

When signing the declaration, the Platform and the Evrotrust account will be linked, the documents sent to you for signing will be sent to the Evrotrust application installed on your mobile phone and you will become an Identified user of the Platform. If the signature was successful, you will see the following page on the Platform:

In the header of the Platform, a green checkmark appears next to the name instead of the red exclamation mark:

Similar to signing the Account linking statement, you will be able to use the Evrotrust application to sign documents sent from the Platform with your qualified electronic signature.

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