1. After successful Evrotrust registration and identification, return to the TrustChain Platform available at https://app.trustchain.com. Click the arrow next to its name in the upper right corner and open the User Account. Click "I choose!" button and then the “Start Identification” button.

2. To successfully link the TrustChain user account to the Evrotrust user account, you must enter the email address provided and confirmed for the Evrotrust account during Evrotrust registration.

3. After entering the e-mail address, click on the “Save” button, and our system will check whether the Evrotrust account actually exists, whether there is an active signing device (mobile phone) and whether the certificate issued during identification is linked to the Evrotrust account.

4. If the Evrotrust account associated with the specified email address is active, the Account Link Statement will be automatically sent to the mobile application associated with the specified Evrotrust account. You will be notified of the receipt of the Account linking statement in the app and, if enabled, on your mobile phone.

5. In the Evrotrust application, sign the Account linking statement by pressing the green “Sign for free” button! When you sign the statement, the TrustChain and Evrotrust user accounts will be linked - that is, the documents sent to you for signing from the TrustChain account will be sent to the Evrotrust mobile app installed on your mobile phone - and you will become an Identified user of the TrustChain Platform.

Similar to signing the Account linking statement, Evrotrust will be able to sign documents sent from the TrustChain Platform with a qualified electronic signature using a mobile application.

As an identified user you can start using the Drop & Sign and the Sign & Send features on the TrustChain Platform. Sign & Send provides an interface for using a qualified electronic signature, which can be used to sign a document created with the TrustChain Platform's online text editor, or already completed and uploaded to the system.

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