Creating an Evrotrust account and the personal identification process takes approximately 5-8 minutes.

1. Prepare your ID card or passport!

2. Download the Evrotrust mobile application from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). The application is free to download.



3. Launch the application, click the “Registration” button, and follow the instructions.

Enter your 6-digit PIN, then select Security Questions and answer them.

Suggestion: choose a question-and-answer combination that you really remember, you may still need this information.

4. Take a photo of your ID (ID card or passport) with your mobile phone camera.

Suggestion: in the case of an identity card, start with the back of the card; try to fill in the box on the screen with the card in its entirety.

5. Start the video call in the desired language. Our operator will check the validity of your document and your data based on the information in the public register, and then ask you some verification questions about your identity.

Suggestion: select Hungarian as the language of identification, identification in Hungarian is available on working days from 9 am to 5 pm.

6. After successful identification, you will be notified in the Evrotrust application and, if enabled, on your mobile phone. We strongly recommend that you turn your notifications on for the Evrotrust application since it will notify you about incoming documents to sign. If you see that the identification is successful by opening the 'Settings/Profile' menu item in Evrotrust, you only have the last steps left.

7. As the last step of Evrotrust registration, you must enter your e-mail address and telephone number, and then confirm them in the Evrotrust application using the 6-6 digit code you received in the SMS and e-mail. If you miss this step the application won't be able to receive documents for signature.

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