After successful registration, the user has the opportunity to invite additional users to their Business account, as well as to invite external people who do not have a Business account.

Invite new users to your Business account

On the Platform, it is also possible to invite additional natural person users to join the Business account, who have not yet registered on the Platform, so User accounts of your employees will belong to your Business account and the signing costs generated by them will be invoiced to your Business account by the Platform. After entering the email address and role of the individual you wish to invite, we will send an invitation to the email address you provided. Only Administrator or Viewer account roles can be specified as an authorization level. The difference between the two is that the Administrator can create and sign documents, but the Viewer cannot create documents on the Platform.

In the menu bar on the left, choose the Administration/Business account users option, which provides information on the status of User accounts invited and registered under the Business account. Here you can track the authorization level and the status of each User account ( Identified, Registered, Invited, Deleted) and change or delete User accounts.

Only a user with a higher authorization level can delete or change the role of a lower authorization level user. User accounts that have a Signatory role cannot be deleted by another user.

Inviting non-registered partners or sending a request to other Business accounts

On the Platform, under the Partner manager menu in the upper-left menu bar, you can send partner request to other Business accounts of your existing partners or you can send invitation to new business partners to register to the Platform by entering their e-mail address and clicking on the “Send” button in the upper right corner.

If you send an invitation to a non-registered company, please use a company e-mail address, if possible.

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