• Identification without personal presence: you can get your qualified electronic signature certificate in minutes without having to move out of your home. The qualified e-signature certificate is valid for two years.

  • Qualified Electronic Signature without personal presence: you can sign your digital documents anywhere and anytime via your mobile phone. A QES has the same legal effect as a handwritten signature in the European Union.

  • There is no monthly fee: you can purchase any quantity of the different types of electronic signatures, and these can be used not only by you but also by users invited to your Business account. Purchases are made through the Platform by credit card or Barion wallet according to the billing information you provide. Click here to see our prices!

We provide End-to-end service

Identification is done through an automatic, secure channel, time-stamped video recording, all you need is a mobile phone, internet connection, and a valid ID or passport.

A personal presence is not required at all to obtain a qualified electronic signature and use an e-signature.

Certificates are issued by our contracted trust service provider partner, Evrotrust Technologies AD. Our users can use the Evrotrust mobile phone application to provide their qualified e-signatures to their documents created using the Platform, and then they can receive and send the documents for signing through the Platform.

Remote identification

Remote identification through a trust service provider is already possible in the European Member States, and the authentication carried out in this way and the resulting electronic signature will be accepted.

The signature is created via the signer's mobile phone

The online contracting platform operated by TrustChain Systems Ltd. has integrated the Qualified Electronic Signature of the trust service provider Evrotrust Technologies AD. The Evrotrust mobile application is state-of-the-art in line with the European Union Regulation on Certified Trust Service Providers (eIDAS Regulation).

The technology developed and patented by Evrotrust allows the private key to be stored in a remote cloud-based hardware cryptographic module (HSM) with the highest level of security instead of hardware devices (token or chip card). For this reason, you can use Evrotrust by downloading it to multiple mobile phones. It is also not a problem if the mobile phone device is lost, because the phone only connects to the cloud-based server, the secret key is not stored on the mobile phone.

The mobile phone securely identifies the signer anywhere and anytime, thus adapting to the needs of the 21st-century business world with a user-friendly solution.

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