What is the purpose of the Platform?

The goal of TrustChain Systems Ltd. was to create an online interface that makes Hungarian and international trade transactions and their financing simpler and faster.

The Platform implements the process of partner identification, contracting, and related financial settlement between companies in a partially automated environment. Documentation related to transactions is time-stamped and has the highest degree of electronic authentication. The purpose of creating the Platform is to build a global trust infrastructure between companies, corporations, and individuals.

The system is accessible from a web browser, making the electronic documents created and signed in the system available to the user in an easy-to-use online interface, transactions are approved and electronic documents are signed via a smartphone application.

What can you use the Platform for?

On the Platform entrepreneurs, companies, individuals and other business actors create, negotiate and sign documents on their mobile phones in a digital and legally secure way.

Administrative processes that significantly slow down day-to-day operations can be made faster, simpler, and more secure, such as:

  • negotiating the content of contracts

  • protocols

  • certificates of performance

  • signing company law documents.

Through the Platform, we can edit or upload and sign documents in PDF format with a qualified electronic signature, as well as send them to our partners and clients for signing.

What types of documents can you sign through the Platform?

You can sign virtually any digital document on the Platform that you would otherwise sign by hand, as the essence of a qualified electronic signature is to replace a handwritten signature while being as secure as paper-based documentation.

Here are some of the many document types: sales agreement, donation agreement, entry declaration, acknowledgment of receipt, lease contract, paylists, reports, and additional annexes, insurance, collateral contract, other documents, permits, year-end cash register report, end of year inventory, distribution and copyright lease, main ledger, independent auditor's report, loan agreement, attendance sheets, requests, accounting and auditing statements, escrow agreement, framework contract, employment contract, declarations, financial statements, invoices, invoice contract, verification of completeness of organizations, contract amendments, offers for maintenance and annuity contracts, certificates of performance, business plan, business contract.

What type of electronic signature does the Platform use?

Through the Platform, it is possible to obtain advanced electronic signature (AES) and qualified electronic signature (QES) certificates. This takes 5-8 minutes and requires an automated identification process. Identification can be done anytime, anywhere, all you need is a mobile phone, internet connection, and a valid ID card or passport. With the Qualified Electronic Signature, you can sign in the European Union with the same legal effect as a handwritten signature.

Services of the Platform

  • Our products can be used by citizens of 56 countries as individuals, entrepreneurs, or on behalf of a company.

  • Documents are uploaded, edited, and sent from the Platform and you can sign them in the Evrotrust mobile application.

  • You can create documents in the Platform Text editor or you can upload them using the Upload file button. When you use them together, one PDF document is created.*

  • Name the documents on the Platform which you can save and edit at any time before sending.*

  • Each signer has 72 hours to e-sign a document arriving at their mobile phone.

  • On the Platform, you can keep tracking the signature chains you created.

  • Signed documents are available on the Platform and in the mobile app as well.

  • After signing, documents can be downloaded by clicking on the Download icon.

QuickSign When only you have to sign

After uploading to QuickSign, you can send to your smartphone all the PDF documents you need to e-sign. Use it if you are the only one who needs to sign the document or if the other signatories will not sign it electronically through the Platform.

How does it work?

Drag the document you want to sign to the File uploader or click on the Upload file button to select the PDF. Then use the Send document button to send it to your mobile, open the Evrotrust mobile app and sign the document there in a second.

DirectSign If more than one person is signing, start a signature chain

With DirectSign you can send a document to multiple users for e-signing by simply entering their e-mail addresses with which they registered on the Platform.

How does it work?

Open DirectSign and click the New document button to access the Text editor, or click the Upload file button to upload the document you want to sign.

By clicking the Send document button, you can send the document for signing to yourself and to other users as well. In the case of multiple signatories, specify the elements of the signature chain: enter the email addresses of the recipients with which they registered on the Platform.

Recipients will be able to sign the received document after each other in the defined order. After the first recipient signed, the document, it arrives at the second signatory on the Platform and so on until the signature chain finishes its route. The signer who created the chain automatically receives the PDF for e-signature in Evrotrust, but all the other recipients have to log in to their account on the Platform to send the document for signing to their own mobile.

The signed documents are listed in the DirectSign menu, where you can filter the Created documents and the Received documents.

BusinessSign Approve and sign documents

BusinessSign gives you the possibility to manage your contracts and other documents together with your business partners. With BusinessSign companies can send documents to each other's Business accounts for signing. You can add not only Approvers but Viewers as well to the documents, granting access to it this way to other users of your Business account.

How does it work?

In BusinessSign, click on the New document and then on the Upload file buttons to upload or draft a document and select your partners' Business accounts to sign and contract with.

Define the Permissions – Signer, Approver, Viewer

With BusinessSign, you can send a document not only for signing but also for approval and viewing, so that the company's lawyers or assistants can participate in the process without signing.

You can only select the Signers and define the Permissions regarding your own Business account. When the document you send arrives at your partner's Business account, they also need to assign the people who will be responsible for it with the Add a user button.

Signers can sign the document in the Evrotrust mobile application, while Approver users can approve it on the Platform’s interface. Viewers can view the document at any time on the Platform regardless of the status of the signature chain.

Invite new users to your Business account

In order for your employees to be able to e-sign through the Platform or participate in the administrative processes, send them an invitation after registering your Business account.

You can invite your colleagues into the Business account by entering their e-mail address in the Administration/Business account users menu and clicking on the Invite new user button. You can also select their general user Roles over here (Viewer or Administrator).

Company certification

You can complete the Certification process in your Business account created for your company if you are an executive officer having an independent authorized signatory right with the full representative authority of the company. This feature is available to companies.

Getting new partners on the Platform

In the Partner manager, you can manage your existing partnerships and browse among already registered and Certified companies. Certified companies are automatically checked by the Platform based on the E-company register, so you can gain new business relationships securely and without separate company data verification.

By entering an email address in the Partner manager, you can send an invitation to any user’s Business account on the Platform in order to be Partners. The partnership is established between Business accounts, not between individual users.

If the provided email address has not yet been registered on the Platform, they will receive an invitation to register. If the e-mail address is already registered on the Platform, we will notify it, that you have invited it to be a partner.

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