Sending documents

The development of the Platform is continuous, the functionality of Sign&Send has been significantly expanded recently. The created documents can be sent for signature not only by users to themselves or to users belonging to the same TC account, but also to their partners; for multiple selected recipients, if all users selected for signing in the queue partner's account have signed the document, the document will be automatically forwarded to the next queued partner so that they can also select their signatories.

This feature is currently available to TC account users who are either invited or invited as partners (a TC account user invites another user to create their own TC account) or as a result of the Certification process, it sends a document to one of the partners who can be added to the Partner Finder to sign.

As mentioned above, the solution allows users to predefine “signature chains” and track their status from the interface available on the Platform.

For example, if Sole Trader “A” would like to conclude a contract with Company “B”, and the document needs to be signed by two CEOs representing Company “B”, Sole Trader “A” will create the document, define the chain of signatures and then send the document to the system for signing. Upon launching the signature chain, Sole Trader “A” will be entitled to sign the document first and then the document will be automatically sent to the account of Company “B”. At this point, Company “B” will need to define which two of the CEOs will sign the document, and in what order. As soon as both of the selected CEOs of Company “B” sign the document, the party launching the signature chain will be notified about its status, and successful completion.

Access management

Recently, in-house view permission management has been established, meaning that access to incoming, shared, and private documents has begun to separate. For example, if all your in-house employees are registered under a given TC account, it is already possible to sign the document with only one person within the company, so that other colleagues won't be able to view it, only the author of the document and the selected signatory(s).

In the Visibility section within the TC account, you can set “only added signers” or “all TC account users” to see the document you want to sign.

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