With our Sign&Send service, users can sign any document created on the TrustChain Platform or edited elsewhere but later uploaded to the Platform with their qualified electronic signature.

Whereas previously our Sign & Send service was only available to companies, thanks to our latest developments, citizens of 38 countries can now use this feature of our Platform, regardless of whether they are registered as an individual, sole proprietor or on behalf of a company.

After entering the Sign&Send menu, the user can access the document editing interface by clicking the Create New Document button.

You can create a document using the text editor here, or press the Upload Document button to upload the document you want to sign (a single .pdf document is created when the text editor and file uploader work together). The user must name the created document, after which the Platform will refer to the document under that name.

The created document can be sent to the Evrotrust mobile application for signing with the Sign Document button. The document can be saved and can still be edited before the first signature.

The signed documents are listed in the Sign&Send interface. Once signed, the document can be opened and downloaded with the View button. Users can use the Delete button to delete both documents created in the Sign&Send document editor and documents uploaded to Sign&Send.

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