Authorization levels

Two forms of authorization can be assigned to a TrustChain account - Administrator and Viewer. Signatory rights can be obtained if the members of companies a have sole signatory right according to the public register of companies and after they have carried out the Certification process.

Users are listed in a table below each other. The data displayed here can be filtered, and the data can be searched by entering a specific keyword.


After successfully registering a TrustChain account, the user gains Administrator privileges. After Identification on the TrustChain Platform, which links your TrustChain and Evrotrust accounts, you can now use the Drop & Sign and Sign & Send features, where you can edit, upload and sign documents with a qualified electronic signature.

Additional users invited to the TrustChain account can be Administrators and Viewers according to their authorization level. The Administrator may remove the Viewer from the TrustChain Account or grant it Administrator privileges.

The Administrator has access to all system functions, but cannot sign a document created using the Simple Contract function. Viewer privileges only. If the Administrator or Viewer conducts the Authentication process, it becomes selectable as a signature recipient when using the Sign & Send function.

To gain Signatory authority and sign a document created using the Simple Contract feature, you must complete the Certification process.

To certify your TC account, the company must be registered in the public register of companies and you must be a representative with sole signatory rights. Only Certified TC accounts can appear in Partner Search.


The most complete user role available within a TrustChain account, the highest level of authority available after completing the Certification.

Representatives of companies with sole signatory rights according to the public register of companies acquire Signatory privileges by performing the Certification process, so they can sign not only documents edited or uploaded in the Drop & Sign and in the Sign & Send interface, but also contracts created using the SimpleContract function.

To sign these contracts, it is necessary to invite all members of your company with sole signatory rights and they have to perform the Identification and Certification process as well.

At the discretion of the Signatory, the privileges of the Administrator and the Viewer may be changed to a Viewer or an Administrator, or these two types of users may be deleted from the TrustChain account, regardless of who invited them to the Platform.


Users invited to a TrustChain account can be Signatories, Administrators, and Viewers according to their authorization level. The Viewer has the right to view only. The Viewer can view the complete document file of the given TrustChain account, get acquainted with the registered data related to the TrustChain account. Its authorization can be modified or deleted at the discretion of the Signatory and Administrator users.

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