How does the TrustChain Platform work?

The goal of TrustChain Systems Ltd. was to create an online interface that makes domestic and international commercial transactions and their financing simpler and faster.

The TrustChain Platform (Platform) is a tool that implements the process of partner identification, contracting and related financial settlement between companies in an online environment, partly in an automated way. The documentation related to the transactions is time-stamped and electronically authenticated, with the long-term goal of laying the foundations for the implementation of a trust infrastructure. 

The system is only accessible from a web browser (,; which makes the electronic documents created in the system available to the user in an easy-to-use online interface; transactions are approved and electronic documents are signed via a smartphone application.

What can you use the TrustChain Platform for?

On the Platform, entrepreneurs, companies and other business actors create, negotiate and sign documents on their phones in a digital, yet legally secure way. Administrative processes that significantly slow down day-to-day operations can thus be made faster, simpler and more secure, such as reconciling the content of contracts or signing reports, certificates of completion and company law documents.

Signature with qualified electronic signature

Only qualified electronic signature certificates can be obtained through the Platform. This takes 5-8 minutes and requires a personal identification process through a video call. With this Qualified Electronic Signature, you can make a signature with the same legal effect as a handwritten signature throughout the European Union.

Creating and signing documents - Drop&Sign and Sign & Send

The latest feature of the TrustChain Platform, Drop & Sign, allows you to upload documents and send them to your mobile phone for signing in a single motion.

Using the Sign & Send feature, you can create documents on the Platform, or upload ready documents to the Platform, which you can sign with a qualified electronic signature and forward to other TrustChain users - as business partners.

Contract negotiation, contracting and performance monitoring solution – SimpleContract

By using the SimpleContract function, you have the opportunity to enter into contracts with other companies and continuously monitor their fulfilment, as well as to provide them with various financial solutions.

Risk minimization features on the Platform

All applications of the TrustChain Platform have risk-minimizing features that help ensure safe use. These include the verification of personal data carried out during remote identification with a publicly authentic record, or the verification of company data carried out during the Certification process to determine, for example, liquidation, bankruptcy proceedings, etc., or whether the person acting on behalf of the firm has a right of representation.

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